Funny Birthday Greeting

A funny birthday greeting is a fun way to bring a personal touch to a celebration.  Out of many birthday traditions this is one that will

 surely bring a bit of laughter and joy to the event!  I must admit in my family the one that would tell funny stories would be my dad...

It is often said that you don’t get older, you get wiser…….So can you tell me what happen to you? 

 Cause you do seem to be getting older but wiser?????.......hope you enjoy your special day!

Happy 60th….Count every year as blessings….The more years you have the longer you lived!

To someone who is between sweet sixteen and none of your business age!  Hope you have a very special day!

 For your 16th anniversary  I thought of getting you a brand new car, even giving you money or a nice golden ring…….

don’t they say it’s the thought that counts….

 Getting older is a simple fact of life.....everybody does it!

 Remember that once you’re over the hill….there is just no way you can go back… just enjoy the ride….

 You know you’re getting old when…..the only gift that you ask for, is not to be reminded that you are turning

a year older today!....Have a great one anyways!

 They say that age is all in your mind….but how do you keep it there?

 You know you’re getting old when……you forget your twin’s birthday!

To an intelligent, loving, wise, good, clever, pleasing, generous, good looking special person who is celebrating

 an anniversary……I never knew that  we were so much alike!

 You know you’re getting old when….your granddaughter asks you if you ever had a dinosaur as a pet!

 To my favourite twin sister....Just a reminder that you are also turning a year older!

Everyone's eagerly anticipating your 21st Birthday...your friends, your family, your co-workers....the bartender,

 the bouncer, the police, the judge....Happy 21....but not too much!


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