What To Write In A Birthday Card 

Hope these ideas of what to write in a birthday card will make your very own Birthday Traditions stress-free, cause now a days who needs more stress..... It is a pleasure to share these idea with you feel free to use them in your own cards....There are many unique ways to make that special card....there are special kits you can buy or even you can use plain construction paper, card stock etc....I know that there are a few craft shop that offers quit a good selection of scrape booking supplies...so if you have a bit of creativity you will have great success at making your very own greeting card! 

God created you in a unique special kind of way....so that is why I believe that you are a very special person!

Here are some birtyhday messages that we have created for some special people in our lifes:

Grandaughter :To my favourite girl,  Sarah what a joy it is to celebrate that special event with you! You are a big girl you are turning 4!  Hope you know just how blessed I feel to have you in my life Nanny loves you so very much..... you are my princess!



Daughter: To our one and only, maybe we don't take the time to tell you just how much of a blessing you are to us, we have watch you take your first step, watch you become a momma (and a very good one at that) and soon we will watch you get married, we have to admit it as been tough at some point....it was hard to let go......but as you are celebrating another birthday we hope you will have a wonderful day and many many more to come.....bless you baby girl!.....More daughter's messasges


Son:  We must admit you are one of a kind, and how you impress us with your music....what a joy to parents to see there son with so much creativity....we pray to God that He raises the bar for you, cause you can acheive so much......you are an acheiver when you set your mind to it.....you are 24 today wow our baby is all grown and we are quite happy for that!

Boyfriend:  You are my one and only, after 16 years I know you inside and out we have had our moment of sadness and also our moments of joy,  I have to admit that the good outway the bad by alot.....I have very happy to have find you.....and never for once second wonder about that....cause I love you from the bottom of my heart......today you are celebrating a very special day....and all I can say to you is hope you get everything your little heart deseries cause you deserve it and more.......hope you have a happy bday!


Here are some of our famous facebook designs some of these are really original and fun to past on to family and friends....just copy and paste and you can give a flower for that special's friends birthday and remember it is free...So pass it on....and enjoy....and make someone smile...

.//^ ^\\
(,,,)^(,,, )


On June 26th it was my very own birthday, and how I was blessed to have my family and friends share this special day with me....I had decide I wanted strawberry shortcake instead of cake....I think everybody enjoyed it! But I must admit what go to me the most was the massage that was in the card that my granddaughter, Sarah gave to me....I just had to share it with all of you out there...so here is how it goes:


A GIRL needs her grandma for dozens of things-

To LAUGH at her jokes,

To APPLAUD when she sings.

To HUG her and squeeze her and KISS her and say," look at you-growing up taller each day!"

To spoil her a little and LOVE her a ton,

 to help her grow upend feel SMART and have FUN.

 A girl needs her grandma and so very feware as LUCKY as I am-cause my grandma is YOU!

Here is one of our favourite message.....Laugh when you can.. Apologize when you should.. And let go of what you can't change... Love deeply and forgive quickly...Take chances and give your everything..Life is too short to be anything but happy...You have to take good with the bad...Love what you have...Always remember what you had... Forgive and forget and always remember.. that life goes on. Life is short & precious So I just hope you enjoy this birthday Like no other!


¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥



Here at Birthday Traditions, we have always found it a bit difficult to write in birthday card….so that is why we have decide to go the extra mile…and we’ve created this site just for you!  We have really enjoyed doing this page....for us it is probably one of our favourite to work on! 



With every year that passes; Friend come and go kids move on, and they move out...Love ones go to there new home in heaven sometimes it makes me wonder why?  It is then I am reminded of all the love that keeps me going over the years, for me the most precious would have to be the love of my granddaughter, Sarah

How I love that kid, she is one of a kind and she makes my world want to shine.........




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